Charity Team Building

Our Charity Team Building events create a unique experience where your group can learn in a more interactive way.

These hands-on workshops give participants an opportunity to learn by doing. They will engage in activities that require resource management, creative problem solving, leadership, followership, and effective communication. We present challenges where groups pool their knowledge and insights to arrive at solutions for success. When this experiential learning approach is related to the work environment, it becomes much more than a day of fun.

Our professional facilitators can include a debrief to connect factors that led to the team’s success and the spirit of your meeting. Some of our clients want to focus on having fun and building camaraderie, and that’s OK too!

Detroit Charity Team Building Events make a lasting impact on the lives of others – and yours!

Wagon Builders Charity Team Building Workshop

Toy Stuffed Wagons

In these high energy experiential team building workshops, your team will be handed challenges that help them learn from mistakes, plan for contingencies, manage time and communicate clearly. They will recognize the strengths of each individual team member as they move from a mindset of competition to collaboration. Building hope is the cornerstone of Toy Stuffed Wagons as your team supports your corporate social responsibility and builds wagons that are filled with gifts like children’s toys, school supplies and more!Detroit Charity Team Building Workshop: Wagon Builders | More

Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop

Build Stuffed Animals

The next level of team building events that make a lasting and positive impact on your team and your community. Build Stuffed Animals is an engaging charity team building workshop that highlights the importance of resource management and expertise to meet the needs of others and trying new ideas. Each workshop is customized to fit your culture and goals. When possible, we’ll make arrangements for a local fire department, police or hospital to receive your donation for a workshop wrap-up that’s filled with goose bumps!Detroit Team Building Charity Workshop: Rescue Buddies | More

Bike-A-Thon Bicycle Team Building Workshop

Bicycle Team Building

So much more than just building your team, this charity team building event helps expand the world of local children with the donation of a new bike. Bicycle Building highlights how listening is an important aspect of communicating. Build on the inherent lessons learned from volunteering and apply those to your corporate initiatives. Improve performance in the workplace with this customized team building event. Your team will take a light-hearted look at personality styles while they make a positive impact in the community!Detroit Charity Team Building Workshop: Bike-A-Thon Bicycle Team Building | More

Anything Everything Custom Team Building Workshop

Anything Everything TM

Adding corporate team building to your meeting is a powerful way to bring a training to a whole new level. We have compiled the best the team building industry to deliver a fully customized workshop that ties in with the spirit of your meeting. Workshops can include learning and debriefs, experiential, physical, intellectual activities. Focus on creating a plan, following a plan, modifying the plan, taking risks, hearing all ideas. For groups of all sizes. To meet your goals we will throw in anything and everything…except the kitchen sink. Detroit Charity Team Building Workshop: Anything Everything | More