Charity Giving Stations

Our most “Giving” workshop yet!

charity-giving-stations-logoThe more you actively engage your troops in your company’s charitable mission, the greater an impact you’re going to have.

The best way to do this?  Choose Charity Giving Stations for your next event here in Detroit.  It’s our most productive workshop, where everyone works together to produce bountiful donations to the Detroit charity of your choosing.

Be proactive with charity giving.

We all know that corporate charity initiatives run the gamut from simply throwing money at a cause to programs where employees actually get involved in helping out local groups.

This workshop is for companies who choose the latter.  It’s for groups who want to take the more proactive route to giving!  Your group arrives ready to use their hands and their teamwork skills to actually build or create items which will be donated to charitable organizations.

How does this work?

We set up activity stations complete with tools, parts, or whatever participants will need to begin assembling or creating the donation items.  If you chose a bicycle donation workshop, then you’ll see bike parts at various spots around the workshop space.  If you chose Rescue  Buddies™ then you’re going to see not only the makings for stuffed animals but also creative stations where people will be making “birth certificates” for the stuffed critters.

Participants are always on the move- transferring from one station to the next as they interact, build, create, and generally have a great time doing good work for Detroit!

Here’s what you can expect from Charity Giving Stations.

One way to judge success of a charity workshop is by how many items get completed.  Another is to watch engagement grow as participants feel inspired to dig in and work together for the chosen charity.  It all gets done through teamwork, so you’re setting your group up for success in more than just one way!

Charity Giving Stations not only helps your group give back to Detroit by encouraging maximum output as far as donations go…this workshop bolsters the bonds that form great teams too.  We love the team building messages in this event because that’s what we’re all about.  But you’ll also love the way your team will come alive with the spirit of giving.  It’s great to see everyone pulling together and putting their best teamwork skills to the test!

Your Charity Giving Stations

Combine any of the following charity activities for your own version of Charity Giving Stations:

Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoBike-A-Thon Bicycle Team Building WorkshopWagon Builders Team Building WorkshopWheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building

Or just focus on one type of donation- it’s your choice.

Here’s why people are booking Charity Giving Stations.

These workshops make great networking events because participants are moving about the room continually.

We can accommodate hundreds of people, too.  Just imagine the output from a large group, with everyone working on teams to build donations!

charity-giving-stations-teddy-bears-on-tableFor meetings or conferences where there’s a lot of sitting and listening involved, Charity Giving Stations is the perfect way to wake everyone up and get them moving again.  Either as an icebreaker or a mid-day break, or an ongoing event where people can stop by for some quick assembly teamwork action, it’s a great add-on for conference schedules.

And for the holidays…it’s the perfect workshop and the best way to generate maximum donations from your group to a local Detroit charity.  What a great way to give back!

Get involved for Detroit, and everyone wins.

So, to get everyone involved in building bridges to the community, choose active channels for your charitable mission and everyone wins.  We created Charity Giving Stations so your company could take an active role in helping make Detroit an even better place to be.

Whether it’s building bikes for Detroit’s kids or assembling wheelchairs for vets, your decision to book a Charity Giving Stations workshop means the world is about to become a better place!

If you’d like to learn more, please call or fill out our handy quote form.  We can’t wait to tell you about this exciting workshop!