Happy Tails Benefits Animal Shelters

Our Happy Tails Charity Team Building Event Benefits Detroit Animal Shelters

“Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend…never owned a dog” -Unknown

Working for a Cause Helps Build Better Teams

Happy-Tails-Animal-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoDogs & cats do so much to enrich our lives-why not give back to them? We’ve all heard that “dog is a man’s best friend”…sadly, however, more than half of all dogs who enter shelters are euthanized for lack of a home. Nearly three quarters of cats suffer this fate, often because of the simple reason there’s no owner identification on them.

The Happy Tails charity team building workshop supports the efforts of local Detroit shelters such as HomeFurEver and Detroit Dog Rescue working to place pets in local homes and to raise awareness of the benefits micro-chipping pets.

How a Team Building Workshop Helps Pets…

By assembling care packages for people who rescue or adopt a cat or dog, your team can help ease the burden of the cost of adoption.

Combine serious, hands-on team-development activities with the chance to make a difference in Detroit. Watch motivation soar as colleagues come together to do some good…for themselves, the company, and the pets of Detroit!

How Happy Tails Helps Your Group…

happy tails dog in cageThe drive to contribute to this cause fuels participants to pull their resources together and come up with solutions to obstacles placed before them. You see, our facilitators don’t just give away the pet collars, food bowls and other pet-essential items for the care packages.

They make teams earn those items! And to do that teams must rely upon advanced team building skills to solve puzzles. Every success means another item for that team’s package.

What skills are essential to success in Happy Tails?

Understanding Communication Styles

happy tails cat in cageEver noticed how intensely a dog will stare at his owner’s face, trying to discern what’s going on? Believe it or not, that’s the kind of dedication and loyalty we’re going after here…only it’s for the team. By developing an understanding of their co-workers’ communication styles, participants gain insight on how to work with them more effectively.

It’s a form or mutual respect, really- instead of saying my way is the right way, we’re fostering a group mentality, where every contribution is valued, and diversity is appreciated.

Get Involved- Book a Happy Tails Workshop!

Wondering how you can help local pet shelters, the ASPCA or the program of your choosing while you build team skills? Give us a call today or fill out the quote form on this page- you’ll learn how this charity workshop can be customized, get answers to your questions, and more!