Mission Kids Care

Score twice with Mission Kids Care ™, a workshop that brings the power of a social mission to team building activities.

The mission? For your team to help DetroitMission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-Logo kids get off to a good start at school, while honing their own skills in preparing for success at work.

Mission Kids Care ™ draws upon the powerful force that emerges when people work together for a common cause. In this case, everyone’s working together to help local Detroit kids who are getting ready to head back to school.

The Power of Social Purpose

Making a difference in real people’s lives lends importance to this workshop, which not only brings your team together with fun, well-planned activities but also fosters a collaborative spirit that translates directly back to the workplace environment.

Detroit’s Kids Get a Boost For School

School kids right here in the Metro Detroit area will benefit from your team building activities because they’ll receive the supplies they need to start the new year. Mission-Kids-Care-Off-To-SchoolYour team will benefit from learning the value of preparation as the first step to any task they’re given.

As the end of Summer runs into the back to school season, Detroit families face expenses they can’t always afford: supplies for school can really add up! From backpacks to pens, school costs money.

The Mission Kids Care ™ workshop offers a practical solution to this problem. Each workshop focuses on team building activities whose end result is school supply care packages. These packages are then donated to local charitable organizations which identify families who could use an extra boost at this time of year.

Everyone Benefits From Proper Planning!

Mission-Kids-Care-Young-GirlYour team will help local kids but charitable work isn’t the only goal with Mission Kids Care™. Your group will also be sharpening their teamwork skills: specifically, their communication and planning techniques will get a little polishing as they work their way through expertly planned modules designed to highlight the importance of planning.

After all, in today’s fast-paced world we often overlook the benefits of a carefully constructed plan of action. Too often we’re concerned with deadlines and finish lines, and the planning stages get squeezed out for lack of time and a desire to rush to completion.

Skills For Planning Translate Into a Job Well Done

Everyone has something to contribute in Mission Kids Care™, a message which translates directly to the office, where teamwork is key and communication is vital. Give us a call today or fill out a quote request form and let us show you how we can help!