WheelCharity Wheelchair Team Building

Our WheelCharity wheelchair team building event helps your team achieve more as it weaves charitable giving into its lineup of skill-enhancing activities.

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-LogoThat’s what WheelCharity™ is all about: a workshop that’s designed to produce workplace-related results while also fulfilling your company’s mission of social responsibility.

Oh- and everyone has a great day, too!

Amazing Things Happen When You Combine Learning and Giving

WheelCharity-Group-With-WheelchairsIt’s a proven fact that people work better in teams when they share a common goal with a real purpose. WheelCharity ™ has proven time and time again that providing wheelchairs to those in need is a cause everyone can get behind.

The WheelCharity™ workshop was designed in light of the corporate desire to do good in local communities…so not only are teams working on important skills, they’re also giving back in a way that will make a real difference in the Detroit area.

Fulfilling a Real Need in the Detroit Community

The fact that wheelchairs are prohibitively expensive for many Detroit area residents has created a persistent need in the community. WheelCharity™ allows your company to help relieve some of that need by assembling and donating wheelchairs to people who desperately need them.

Competition Leads to Better Communication

The WheelCharity™ workshop consists of several carefully chosen modules designed to encourage new communication strategies amongst your team members. As they’re faced with obstacles and fun competitive tasks, they discover hidden strengths in each other and in themselves. This fosters a deeper understanding among team members, which translates to better communication back in the office.

Four Steps to a Better Team

The four-step process we engineer into every workshop ensures that actual learning takes place rather than just a day of fun and games. After all, there’s a big difference between “team bonding” and “team building”. A team can easily bond just by having fun, but a real team gets built when they work together towards goals that require some problem solving.
Those four steps are:

  1. Challenge
  2. Activity
  3. Debrief
  4. Transfer

Towards the end of the WheelCharity™ workshop, things take on a competitive edge as teams compete in obstacle courses in the chairs they’ve just assembled. This seals the bonds they’ve made throughout their activities but also fosters a deeper understanding of the lives of people who will really be using the chairs.

WheelCharity™ is Fully Customizable

We can identify a charitable organization for you, or if you have your own recipient please feel free to let us know. It’s part of the service we provide to liaison with any organization and even make arrangements for a heart-warming donation ceremony at the end of the workshop, if you so desire.

Another way in which WheelCharity™ is customizable is the way in which we tailor it to fit the personality of your team. For example, if the obstacle course at the end of the event doesn’t really work for your group, we can take a more artistic approach for the final activity and have them decorate the chairs with messages of inspiration for the recipients.

Give us a call today or fill out the quote request form on the right and tell us about your group – we will work with you to create a customized team building event that makes a genuine difference right here in Metro Detroit.