The Amazing Scavenger Race

Your team hits the streets with the Amazing Scavenger Race, a workshop designed to really put your group’s teamwork skills to the test.

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-LogoAfter all, learning teamwork skills in the classroom is one thing, but actually using them in real-life situations is another!

For The Amazing Scavenger Race, your group will be challenged with a series of fun goals that take them all over Detroit, and carefully designed to encourage teamwork. The more they work together as a team, the better they’ll be at performing as a team when it comes to getting the job done at work. From Greektown to the Henry Ford Museum and anywhere in the Metro Detroit area that you have your event, we have the ideas to keep your event fast and fun.

All Teams Need Practice – Yours Too!

Detroit-Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Silly-GroupSimilar to how it works for a sports team, practice makes perfect for your team too. The Amazing Scavenger Race provides full opportunity for groups to develop teamwork skills as well as to enjoy working outside the office for a change.

This high-energy workshop gets them out and about, as they race against the clock to achieve goals set by our expert facilitators.

The Sky’s the Limit With a Custom Scavenger Race

Give us your input and we’ll put our workshop engineers to work creating a race just for your team. They’ll also design a scavenger race around a central theme just for your group. Whatever the case may be, it’s always a fun, hilarious day of team building for everyone.

Fun Yet Effective Team Building in Detroit

Detroit-Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Group-With-CartAs any coach knows, there’s a right way to train a team and a wrong way. By incorporating sound principles of learning and team development, we make sure your team is not only having a great day scavenging for things around Detroit, but also strengthening the bonds that will make them a stronger, more productive group.

Our Amazing Scavenger Race is also designed to include every member of the group as they work their way around the Detroit neighborhood where you’re holding your event, snapping pictures to accumulate points. The day follows a pattern of four basic elements of learning:

  1. action
  2. feedback
  3. adjustment
  4. action again

In addition, our facilitators can include a debriefing component, where the key points of effective team building are worked into the final module of the day.

How the Amazing Scavenger Race Works

Detroit-Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Red-TeamTeams follow clues around and upon reaching each destination snap pictures and upload them to a special Scavenger Race website. Points are awarded for creative photos, so you can imagine the all-out silliness that ensues!

The real fun starts at the end of the day, when the group gathers together again for a hilarious slide show of the day’s events.

Give us a call today or fill out the quote form if you’d like to learn more about how the Amazing Scavenger Race can help your team strengthen their team skills. We’d love to hear from you!