The Big Picture

Everyone Gets Involved in The Big Picture ™!

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-Building-LogoAsk any manager what they’d like to see after a day of team building and they’ll tell you things like increased productivity and better communication skills.

Well those are precisely the goals we had in mind when we put our curriculum experts to work on creating The Big Picture™.

The Big Picture™ Brings Your Team Together

Results from group efforts always improve when everyone contributes- that’s how some of the best ideas come about. By creating modules designed to show the value of everyone’s contributions, we’re able to offer a workshop that has direct implications for the collaborative environment back in the workplace.

In The Big Picture™, the goal is to create a collective artwork project…one which includes contributions from every single member of the team. The resulting collage is symbolic of what ideally will happen back in the workplace-

  • the sharing of ideas
  • respect for different opinions
  • communicating to achieve goals
  • assessment of a wide range of input
  • processing information for a desired outcome
  • banishment of fear of contributing in a group setting

The Big Picture™ Shows the Value of Collaboration

Everyone works together to complete the gigantic work of art. Through a series of expertly crafted modules, your team learns the value of collaboration as their work of art gets better and better the more everyone participates.

Teams learn that although not every idea will make it in the final piece, every contribution has value nevertheless. Ideas can inspire others to come up with solutions, as they are the building blocks of productive brainstorming.

Participants learn to overcome any fears they may have about sharing ideas with a group as they see firsthand the value of their input.

The Big Picture™ is Also About Creativity

The-Big-Picture-ColorsTeam members learn about collaborative brainstorming and the also learn a bit about themselves and each other as individuals. Find out whether each member is a Picasso or a Monet…everyone is different, after all. And when the patchwork-style work of art is completed, teams will literally see the beauty of having a variety of personality styles to work with.

Some of us may be more creative than others, but it takes all kinds to make the world go around!

After The Big Picture ™ has been completed, our facilitators will round up all the art supplies and they’ll be given to a Detroit charitable organization that can use them. There are several local art programs, for example, and you can help your company fulfill its social mission.

Give us a call today or fill out the quote form, and we’ll show you how team building workshops like The Big Picture™ can help your team come together to do great things.