Completely Custom Team Building

Have a goal in mind for your team? With Completely Customized Team Building, we design a workshop just for you and any goal you’ve got in mind.

Anything-Everything-Completely-Custom-Team-BuildingIt’s your chance to focus completely on what your team needs- from improved communication to a boost in morale.

Need help defining your goals? No problem! During your initial consultation we’ll listen to what you have to say. Just let us know areas of concern for your group, or goals you have in mind. Our crack team of workshop developers will then create a completely customized event just for your group and together we’ll tackle all the areas of concern…motivation, communication, collaboration, just name your goal.

Completely Customized, Completely Fun, and Totally Effective!

Our curriculum designers have been plying their craft for quite some time now, and they benefit not only from an average of 15 years of experience but also decades of knowledge and research in the team building industry. They know what’s proven to work!

What makes a group gel and work productively together depends on so many factors…that’s why we do a thorough job in the initial consultation phase. We learn about your group, your goals, and even your company’s culture.

Team Building That’s Fun and Effective, Targeting the Goals You Set

Anything and Everything means our workshops are created from a vast library of choices when it comes to activities for your team building event. We’re incredibly careful when choosing the right combination of modules for your team’s goals, ensuring that everyone wins in the end.

Customized in Other Ways, Too

Completely-Custom-Team-Building-VortexYou not only set the goals with our Completely Custom workshop, you also set the time frame. Looking for a quick, two-hour session? We’ll condense the workshop into the most vital elements. We can also develop the long version if you’d like a whole-day event.

Another way we can tailor this workshop for you is by working in a charitable twist to the events, if that suits your purposes. We know from experience that working towards a charitable cause really brings the group together.

Yet another option, if you choose to incorporate a charity donation, is to invite a representative of the charity to receive your donation, for an end-of-workshop event that your team won’t soon forget!

Give us a call today or fill out the quote request form and learn more about how we can create a completely tailored, one-of-a-kind workshop for your group in Detroit, and together we can get started on achieving your goals.