DiSC Personality Training

Finally! Official DiSC Personality training workshops right here in Metro Detroit.

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerWhat would you say if you went into work and found your employees were suddenly more enterprising, proactive, upbeat and productive? What would you think if your management team suddenly:

  1. showed vast improvement in managing their groups
  2. showed amazing ability to keep their teams focused
  3. showed noticeable uptick in productivity
  4. showed an uncanny ability to steer the teams away from conflict and other inefficient use of time

That would be wonderful!

Now imagine there’s a way to make this happen- that these are realistic goals for any team, management or otherwise. Detroit Team Building is proud to offer the DiSC™ Personality Assessment Workshop. Our facilitators have been officially licensed in the DiSC™ Assessment technique, a modern approach to team building now available in Detroit and surrounding areas thanks to Detroit Team Building.

You’ve Never Looked at Personalities Like This Before!

DiSC-Personality-AssessmentSure, we’ve all heard of “personality tests” before- they’ve been used for decades in corporate settings. But the DiSC™ Assessment isn’t a “test”, there is no pass or fail. DiSC™ offers a more practical personality assessment which has direct implications for the work environment.

The DiSC™ Personality Workshop helps team leaders truly understand their employees so they can make better decisions when leading them in the workplace. Developing a fresh perspective on personality styles will impart a higher level of understanding of how people work together…and make your leaders better at leading.

How Can DiSC™ Assessment Help My Team?

DiSC-Personality-Styles-TrainingAn essential point for any manager to keep in mind is that we’re all different from each other. We have different communication styles, to begin with. Through a deeper understanding of the personality styles found in his or team at work, each manager can begin to improve the way he or she relates as a leader.

DiSC™ teaches managers how to read personalities and to recognize the value in each and every type. The workshop gives participants the skills to discern the underlying motivations of their colleagues, which leads to better communication all around.

And we all know that better communication means everything in the work place!

Customized DiSC™ Workshops

Go ahead and dream big: you can expect more from your managers or any group after they’ve been through a DiSC™ Personality Training Workshop. You’re looking at tangible results that are directly applicable to the work place, from a highly-developed, modern personality assessment workshop created especially for companies like yours.

Give us a call today or fill out our quote request form and we can tell you more about how DiSC™ Assessment can help your team achieve the next level in leadership.