Team Fusion

Team Fusion ™ brings a little something extra to the table for teams that face challenges in the work place.

Team-Fusion-LogoWhether it’s corporate change, morale issues or problems gelling as a productive unit, Team Fusion™ is created to produce real change for the better.

Our Detroit-area team building workshops all include activities tending towards a fun day of skills improvement in a fast-paced setting. Team Fusion™ is no exception, but the focus is on overcoming certain obstacles your team faces in the work place.

Got Challenges? A Day of Team Fusion ™ Can Help!

Talk to us about areas of concern, and in our initial consultation we’ll help you identify your goals. Then we’ll take your desires and have our crack team of workshop developers create a Team Fusion™ event just for you- pinpointing areas of concern for tangible results.

Next, on the day of your workshop our professional facilitators will guide your team through the carefully planned modules, for a fun-filled day of hard work in the areas you team needs it most. Help new employees mix with the group, make a tough transition easier, or simply boost morale…Team Fusion™ targets whatever challenge you may have.

Team Fusion™ is More Than a Formula

Activity-Debrief-TransferNo two challenges are alike, and no two teams are alike either. That’s why the initial consultation is so important- so we can get it right and deliver the right mix of activities just for your group.

If your group happens to be comprised of leaders, then we’ll throw in some modules designed just for them. We borrow heavily from out trademarked Campfire Leadership program, which focuses on building leadership skills through in-depth knowledge of personality types and traits.

Need activities which show your team members the value of a diverse set of minds? We can incorporate a look at various personality styles of your group. The more they understand each other, the better they’ll be at working as a team.

Team Fusion ™ Doesn’t Stop After the Workshop Ends…

Improving work place skills and bonding as a team for improved productivity takes time no matter who the group members may be. But when your group is facing particular challenges like those described above, teamwork is even more elusive. That’s why we’ve designed a heavy dose of “debriefing” into the Team Fusion™ workshop.

By asking tough questions, our facilitators will keep your team motivated to work hard to be the best they can be, even when they’re back in the office and the Team Fusion™ workshop is all over with. Change takes time!

Give us a call today or fill out the quote form if you’d like to learn more about how Team Fusion ™ can help your team overcome challenges they’re facing at work. We’re happy to set up a consultation or answer questions you may have.