Team Synergy

Our Team Synergy team building workshop is based around something we all understand – every workplace can benefit from a healthy dose of positive change!

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-LogoEven the most high-performing teams can use a bit of refocusing for a fresh perspective. Team Synergy™ is a workshop designed expressly for your high-performance group- one that needs a challenge. The emphasis is on attitude, morale and relationships in this workshop- the idea is to get everyone feeling that synergy!

Team Synergy ™ Stresses Collaboration Over Competition

If your team needs a reminder of how collaboration can do wonders in the work place, Team Synergy™ provides a pathway to working together in more productive ways. By showing teams the value of each member’s individual strengths, they realize that collaboration is just as important as competition when it comes to getting things done.

Each team member contributes in Team Synergy™, where obstacles are overcome only through the efforts of teamwork and collaboration. For this reason, Team Synergy™ is a little different from our other workshops, which use the power of competition to target workplace skills improvement.

How Team Synergy ™ Works

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-ActivitiesOur workshop developers draw from a long history of proven activities designed to foster collaboration among high-performing members of a group. They know what works, and our professional facilitators know how to run things so everyone benefits from the activities.

By drawing out the natural interactive styles of team members, they’re able to recreate various work scenarios. Then, the work can begin after core issues have been brought to the light of day.

The facilitators guide your group through a series of carefully planned modules structured in way that they become more challenging as the day progresses. The target here is higher-level communication skills, exactly what any high-performance team needs! Here are just a few we can target in your day of Team Synergy™:

  • High-level communication skills
  • Big picture thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Connecting with co-workers
  • Working with limited resources

Your Team Can Meet the Challenge of a High-Performance Workshop

It’s all fun but we manage to weave in some hard work as well- Team Synergy™ is about bringing everyone together and accomplishing things. Therefore, teams will be asked to make direct connections between the Team Synergy™ workshop and their work environment. Breaking down silos during a workshop is one thing, but transferring that synergistic energy back to the office is another!

Give us a call today or fill out the quote form to learn how Team Synergy ™ can leave your group re-focused, energized and ready to get to work with a positive outlook. That’s what Team Synergy™ is all about!